Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great new review for ANGEL MOON!

From Kimberley Spinney at Sensual Reads!

"The future has never looked spicier than it does in Angel Moon. Shayla Kersten creates a universe that is both unique and dangerous. Filled with eroticism and suspense, this novel will grab the imagination and leave the reader wanting more. With every twist and turn, we get more sexiness and sensuality, perfectly in tune with the story line and the characters created. This is definitely a hot read and I can not wait to read more from this amazingly talented author."

*insert Snoopy dance here*

The second book in the trilogy, SHROUDED ANGEL, is awaiting a release date. Hopefully soon!


Terra offers sanctuary to both Angellum and Virkola. Unknown to the humans, a truce exists there. To Terrans, the two species exist as myths. One is a frail, winged creature from religious texts. The other, a demon of the night, living off blood. Both are far from the truth…

Because of the Angellum, Patrea, a Virkolan, has spent his life afraid of loss. When darkness descends on his ship in the form of a strange angel, Patrea feels he can’t stay on the Avere. But departing would mean leaving behind the only light in his life—his bunkmate Hadreal. He needs to find the courage to tell Hadreal how he feels.

Hadreal has always felt more than friendship for his younger bunkmate, but bitter past experience keeps him from acting on his feelings. When a new danger brings them closer, he decides it might be time to live again. But now his chance at happiness may end before he’s able to sample it.

Sometimes it takes a brush with death to make life worth living.

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