Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday Report Card on a Monday...

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I suck. My goal of 4500 words? Ha! Like that would actually happen. My three days of writing didn't materialize. I did a whole 235 words on my new romsus.

My first alleged writing day--Tuesday--fell to Granny's "honey-do" list. Wednesday, I received the edits for Shrouded Angel and completed them. YAY! At least it was writing related work. No release date but I hope to hear something soon. Sunday--Momma and I took back the shutters I'd ordered her from Home Depot. They weren't the right size. I won't let Momma measure anything again. Ever again. The shutters were about a foot short.

The rest of Sunday afternoon I procrastinated by putting together a new writing desk. I've been looking for just the right desk for ages! Nothing fancy. Something not too big so it would fit in my little corner. Something not so high--no keyboard drawer! Hate those. If I want to use an external keyboard, I'll put it in front of the laptop. And I finally found it yesterday! And it's long enough to accommodate my printer too.

Then last night I mowed the front yard. Oy vey!

Between the day job and other duties--not to mention the heat, mowing has been neglected for two weeks. Since our dry spell ended, my grass has sprouted like the true weeds they are! Unfortunately, the heat hasn't abated. I usually mow early in the morning to avoid the worst of it. I should have waited but the grass was out of control. The back yard can wait because the privacy fence hides the worst of it.

So I mowed. I waited until about 6:30. Not late enough. The temp was 94 and the heat index 104F. Writing while recovering from minor heat stroke wasn't possible. I couldn't even write this blog last night.

This weeks goals... I'm going to be easy on myself.

I should have two days off from the evil day job but Granny already has a new "honey-do" list so I won't get anything done tomorrow, I'm sure. My other day off will probably be Friday plus I have nothing scheduled for the weekend. I plan to be selfish about those three days. They are mine! ALL MINE! Yeah. Like that'll happen if Momma or Granny need something.

However, the goal this week. 1k for each of the MINE days. So 3k. Surely I can manage that much. At my new writing desk. Or the coffee shop. LOL So why DID I want a new writing desk when I write so much at the coffee shop?

Oh, and I had an idea for a Naughty Nooner story for Ellora's Cave. NN is the freebies EC uses for promo. Everyone wants to know what happened to the guys from Icing On The Cake. Thinking about doing a short followup. Kind of like an epilogue story. Still mulling the idea over. Of course, Naughty Nooners are less than 7k and I have trouble writing short. So we'll see. And I can't start it until I finish the current WIP.

Now I have to get ready for the evil day job!

Have a fabulous week, everyone!


Mel Teshco said...

Good luck Shayla,
I so know how you feel about the best laid plans!

Rasha said...

I hear you Shayla I had the worst week possible last week, did not get anything done either and am paying for it on this fine Monday. The heat is the pits, its making me walk around half drunk all the time, I do not deal well with heat. Better luck for both of us this week.

Maeve said...

I feel your pain, Shayla. I can't count the times I've wished I had the superpower of controlling time. *sigh*

Shelley Munro said...

I think we all have weeks like that. Getting edits done is a big deal, and that's definitely writing related stuff. Good luck for the new week.

I'm off to write...maybe...

Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Mel! I'm beginning to think I should stop planning anything. Maybe I'd get more work done that way. Or at the very least, I'd be less disappointed in myself! *cackle*

Thanks for stopping by!

Shayla Kersten said...

Rasha, sweetie! The heat is so miserable. Seems to suck the oxygen right out of my lungs every time I go outside. Hope you have a great and much cooler week! HUGS!

Thanks for coming by!

Shayla Kersten said...

LOL Maeve, be sure to let me know when you get that time control power. I'd pay for a 30 hour day! *cackle*

Thanks for commenting!

Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Shelley! Yes, the edits were great to finish. I don't feel "done" until the final manuscript is put to bed. Fortunately the edits were pretty simple. My editor has me well trained. *cackle* She can smell an uncritiqued manuscript when her inbox dings! *grins* But I loves her anyway!

Thanks for stopping by!

N.J.Walters said...

Good luck, Shayla. Don't be so hard on yourself. Life happens when we want to write. :)

At least you got edits done. That's something.

katsrus said...

I feel for ya. I've been putting things off for a week. LOL. This heat is killing me too. I like your new desk. Hope your week goes well and you can get a whole bunch done.
Sue B