Saturday, June 16, 2007

My first review for Gaps In Your Soul!

From the lovely Elisa Rolle from Isn't It Romantic!

She wrote: Jared is an army officer at home to recover from a serious injury he got in Afghanistan. He is asked to be the groomsman of an old childhood friend, Steve. And the past relive, cause Steve's brother, Dalton, was a one night stand lover not at all forgotten. And Dalton was his only man lover. Now Jared wants to better understand his feelings for Dalton.

Dalton is waiting for Jared. After ten years he has not forgotten his crush on him. He has not forgiven that Jared has walked away without a word after their night of love. He wants revenge. He wants to bed Jared and then, this time, be him who walks away. But Jared is a tormented soul. War and regrets are left him empty. He admits to love Dalton, but he can't admit in front of his family and his friend that he is gay. His life and his work will be destroy.

Fear, hope, love all mixed up in a brief romance that will leave you asking for more. Shayla Kersten has managed to concentrare in few words a whirlwind of emotions. Till now the better romance in the Naughty Nuptials series I have read.

Thank you, Elisa, for the wonderful review!

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