Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Naughty Bits Reviewed Thirty Days!

Another fantastic review for Thirty Days! Teddy Pig at The Naughty Bits gave it a Grade A!

He wrote: "WOW! I am impressed you took this story on and kept such a tight focus in making it all understandable when I would have run far and fast in the exact opposite direction without a single clue of how to sell this particular brand of hurt and comfort in a BDSM context. This is the kind of stuff that could so easily get someone (like me) into trouble for making the slightest brain dead plot decision but you pulled it off very very well. You had my undivided attention from the first sentence while I watched you walk this tight rope and you never once lost my interest.

Grade A and I will keep watching for more genius from you."

Check out his entire review at The Naughty Bits. And read all my reviews on my website!

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