Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Boring Progress Update!

Except I don't have much progress to report! The last week has zipped past me in a blur with a conference, a lunch "meeting", doctor appointments and heating pads.

Last Saturday I went to a writers conference in Maumelle. Not exactly an RWA function but I did it more as a tax deductable excuse to spend the day with Cynthia D'Alba. I was suffering from withdrawal pains. LOL Cyndi lived close to my old evil day job. We'd have lunch usually once a week. Since I left the EDJ more than a month ago, I'd only had the chance to see her at our Diamond State Romance Authors meeting.

The writers conference didn't reveal any great secrets of writing. Then again, Cyndi and I snuck off during the first breakout session and brainstormed a book she's working on. The sessions we did attend really weren't applicable to the type of books we write so we ended up cutting out a little early. I had fun spending time with her and we made friends with a couple of people who might join DSRA.

Sunday was spent with Momma shopping! We snuck off and ate sushi without Lil Sis. I'm going to be in so much trouble if she reads my blog. Then again, we did call her on Thursday after my doctor appointment to go guessed it...sushi for lunch. I'm going to turn into raw fish one of these days. *cackle*

The lunch meeting on Monday was just another excuse to meet with writers. Cyndi was one of them but Melissa Francis and Shada Royce joined us for fabulous Mexican food and wonderful conversation! With humans! LOL I spend so much time at home alone with my animals, I've begun to meow and bark!

Doctor appointments were a pain. Thursday was a followup with the lung doc. Nothing to report. They took an xray and they are still waiting for some of the cultures on the infection. Friday was my regular annual checkup. Blech... Although Doc gave me something to help me sleep. We'll see how that works.

And heating pads... I spent part of Tuesday and most of Wednesday with a heating pad on my knee. Between Saturday, Sunday and Monday, on my feet, I was hurting.

So how much writing did I get done? Not a heck of a lot! LOL

Old WIP for EC

Wow! That's actually more than I thought since I last posted a progress meter! But 5k words in a week isn't a big deal when I was doing that in two days. *shrugs* Hopefully next week will be better... Then again, tomorrow is my DSRA meeting plus a NaNo meeting. Then Monday I'm back to the doc for a bone density test. Maybe next week will be better... *cackle*

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