Saturday, November 1, 2008

Progress but not enough...

Okay, for day one of NaNo, I'm not NaNoing. *cackle* Yesterday's word count didn't finish Eternity 4 so the plan is to keep on with it until I'm done. Hopefully tomorrow. I need 6k--doable in two days except today is Sushi Saturday. Once every few weeks, Momma and I go to Little Rock and meet Lil Sis for sushi then coffee. Today, my niece B is coming with Lil Sis. We should have a blast. We always do.

Halloween was quiet here. A storm blew through right before sundown so I had to bring the dogs in. With them in the house, I have trouble opening the door without escape attempts and raucous barking, snarling, etc. I turned off the lights and hid in the bedroom. *cackle* I could hear the cars on the street and there weren't many so I don't feel too guilty. However, now what do I do with all the candy? *guilty grin*

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Eternity 4 (Target Ellora's Cave)

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