Saturday, November 22, 2008


It got cold in Arkansas! Yesterday morning we had our first hard freeze! The high never got out of the 40's! This is February weather, not November! This morning is still in the 30's with the high forecasted at only 50. Brrrrr... I have three cats vying for my lap. Glennie has taken the spot beside me and Romeo won the actual lap spot. Rusty keeps pacing around me, hoping to scare off Romeo. Not likely, Romeo will fight for attention.

I'm running behind in word counts again this week. Had a few interuptions such as a doc appointment on Monday and Momma's eye doc appointment on Friday. She had to have her eyes dialated so she needed a driver. And a walker. I had to keep her from running into things!

Back to the writing... Only about 3800 words of new stuff. My critique partner sent back Eternity 4 with her comments. I've made one pass through on the simple things. I'm getting ready to work through the harder questions. As soon as I get a fresh cuppa java and tap up the thermostat. It's a little chilly in here!

After I finish with her comments, I have to write the synopsis and a blurb. And then the hard part...a title! I suck at titles! LOL Wish me luck. Or give me a suggestion! The books in the series are 1) The Cost of Eternity, 2) The Rememdiu then 3) Longing for Eternity. I know, the second book didn't have "Eternity" in the title but when I wrote it, I really wasn't planning a series, it was just a sequel. Then I managed to set up the third book and voila...a series. So now, I'd like to continue the "Eternity" thing if at all possible. Especially since book four does set up a book five! I really don't do this intentionally! LOL

Word meter for the week...

Old WIP for EC

Hopefully, I'll get more written this weekend. I don't have any plans for the weekend except writing. Of course, synopses usually take me forever!

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