Friday, November 7, 2008

Warning: Self-Indulgent Whining Ahead

I'm sucking at NaNo! *whine*

My NaNo novel totally does not interest me. At all. The plot is good, the idea unique, the characters good... I just don't want to write it. Instead, my muse has focused on an old idea I toyed with at the beginning of the year.

I'm seeing a pattern here. Several of the things I've finished lately were old projects. Seems like the muse wants to clean up the old "Ideas File". And there's a lot of stuff in there. And that's a good thing overall writing-wise. Just not so good for NaNo. But if the old "Ideas File" can come up with more stuff to sub to Ellora's Cave, then that's good for the bank account.

So I guess I'm whining for no reason. NaNo is a challenge that doesn't necessarily reap any benefits. Pushing myself to write a new project of 50k words in November just so I have some bragging rights doesn't stack up to writing things I know fit my current publisher.

I'm going to stop whining now and get some writing done. Whatever the project. Thank you for listening. *cackle*

Old WIP for EC

Pain-In-The-Posterior NaNo Novel

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