Monday, October 13, 2008

Fantastic Progress!

Well, today's been quite productive! I started writing about nine but I had to do a little research. So slow out of the gate but I made up for it! I wrote more than 5500 words! Woo hoo! And I think most of it is good. Sometimes, I start out in one direction then go off in a tangent. I have to go back and edit for the change in direction. This time, I think I'm on target. Not much changed from the original idea. Of course, most of the 5500 words is a sex scene. And I'm not finished with it! LOL But the whole scene lays out the two characters and their issues.

I'm off to relax for a little while. If my back stops kinking on me, I may write some more kink! *cackle*

New Novella (Target Ellora's Cave)

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