Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Release! Double Happiness at Ellora's Cave!

I can't believe I forgot to post on Friday about the release of Double Happiness! This novella is my first attempt at something light hearted. I usually try to include some humor in my stories but they tend to stick with serious. Double Happiness has a little more humor while still covering serious aspects of my heroes' relationship! And it has an incredibly hot cover by Les Byerley!

Available at Ellora's Cave!


Chen Jin Tai faces the worst possible news only days from his commitment ceremony with his lover—Tai’s estranged mother is coming to the wedding. Unable to accept her son’s sexuality—she’s determined to have a daughter-in-law—Chen Qi Xiang’s visit is unexpected. Tai wants to believe she’s looking for reconciliation but he knows his lover’s attitude will be anything but optimistic.

David Anderson never thought about settling down until he literally bumped into Tai on the street. Before Tai, sex was for fun and love wasn’t an option. Now two years later, he can’t imagine life without his partner. Tai’s Ice Queen mother showing up with malice in mind could be the beginning of the end of the best thing in his life.

Two beautiful men, one tiny Chinese soon-to-be mother-in-law, a live cricket as a present and a red wedding dress. It’s about to be an interesting next few days and the men are going to learn a whole new level of sexual excitement.

Excerpts are on my website. Click here.

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