Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Plot Blockage!

ARGH! I can't wrap my brain around my NaNo plot! I finally gave up this afternoon and worked on an old work in progress--book 4 of the Eternity series. I stalled on it months ago and switched to another story. Since then, I've finished two novellas and two short stories. Today, I opened it up and read through the nearly 15k words I'd already written. Then the block for Eternity 4 opened up and the words started flowing! 2800 words to be precise! So now the challenge is to finish this story--which is supposed to be around 30k--before I start the NaNo story in two days! Plus figure out my NaNo plot!

I waiting for them to come and take me away! Who you say? The nice men in the little white coats, they're coming to take me away!

Eternity 4 (Target Ellora's Cave)

So I need like, 12k in two days? Okay, maybe four days. I could start my NaNo novel late. After all, I'm writing fulltime. I can get more words a day than just the 1667 needed for 50k in 30 days! But I still need a plot! ARGH! I also need some sleep. I'm meeting Delilah Devlin online at 9AM for timed writing.

Maybe I'll dream a plot for NaNo. Or maybe I'll just dream about the bloody swordfight I just wrote! Yikes!

I'm waiting on my critique partner to get back to me with Hidden Hands. She's also looking over the synopsis and blurb I wrote today. If I can finish Eternity 4, I'll have three submissions into EC while I work on something for Blaze. If I can think of a plot...

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