Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not As Good A Writing Day...

Well, I didn't do as well today on my progress. Only 1840 words to add. I did pass 12k which is good. I got a late start then took a break to go to my mother's exercise class. She teaches a free seniors class at the local library. I'm out of shape but I figured this would be a breeze. I mean, I'm 20 years younger than these ladies.

Local news headline: Local Author Out Exercised by Old Ladies

Seriously kicked my ass. *hangs head in shame* I ended up needing a nap. But in my defense, I did spend a lot of time last night running around to check on my great snake hunter, Princess. Her poor mouth is so swollen she can't eat and barely drink. She's better today but if I don't see some significant improvement, we're going back to the vet tomorrow.

I also had to stop writing this evening to watch the last Prez debate. I'm not sure if my blood pressure meds will be enough until the election.

So tonight's Word Meter doesn't look as good but hey, I'm still 2/3 done! Of course, it might go over 18k. If things don't start turning in the plot, it probably will. I wanted this done before the weekend. I'm going on a "research" trip with Delilah Devlin and our friend, Layla Chase, after the Diamond State Romance Authors meeting on Saturday. We're headed up to north Arkansas to the Ozark Folk Center until Monday. I'll have to kick the writing back into gear tomorrow!

New Novella (Target Ellora's Cave)

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