Tuesday, October 14, 2008

That Damn Cat!

Princess has got to learn she's just not fast enough to play with frakking snakes! She got bit...AGAIN! Another $200 and change for a vet bill. I sat all the critters down a few weeks ago and explained the "unemployed" thing. I'll keep paying for the roof over their cute little heads and the food they eat but they have to be very careful and stay healthy. And UNINJURED!

She's okay. Sitting at the foot of the bed staring at me with malice in her gaze... She's already bit me. Evidently, she took another bite to the face. She showed up last night with her face all puffed up. Today when I brought her home from the vet, she was having trouble picking up food from the plate. So I put a little on the tip of my forefinger. We've done this before. I scoop, she licks. Everyone is happy. Not this time. Bitch chomped down on my finger. Hard! I'm hoping that evil glare in her eye has nothing to do with a new fondness for the taste of human blood. I may have trouble sleeping tonight...

In spite of Missy Princess' adventures with reptiles, I had a productive writing day! Woo hoo! Although the last 600 words were interesting with the bloody bandaged finger. *cackle*

Today's word count: 4734
Two day total: 10,256

Woo hoo!

New Novella (Target Ellora's Cave)

I'm going to rest now. Not sure I'll sleep. Princess has moved a little closer... :/

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